Massive Cutting Board

Massive Cutting Board

Posted by Bill McBeth on

Unlike all my other posts and projects I have written about there wasn't a mad dash to get this cutting board done, I wasn't under any real time crunch and I had plenty of time on my hands.

One month ago I was sitting at work talking to a consultant who was doing some work for the company i worked for. I was talking about how I enjoyed creating items in my workshop and showing off some of my creations and projects. This conversation led into him telling me he wanted a large cutting board for his kitchen, something that a full brisket could sit on. I immediately jumped at the chance to offer my services....My first non family member and paying gig.

Two days after this conversation, the day he was going to give me the deposit I got laid off and my position was eliminated. First time in my 17+ year IT career that i was laid off. a few days after the event I emailed and asked if he still wanted the cutting board....luckily the answer was still yes. So i went ahead an purchased the lumber and got started on the project, after all I have a lot of time to fill while job hunting.

Lumber used:

Originally was going to use some Padauk, however, my local sources didn't have a good selection so I had to change to bubinga.

The board measures 23" x 20" was supposed to be 24" however lost some on the squaring up of the board.

The cutting board was glued together using Tightbond III wood glue, in my opinion it is the only choice for cutting boards and the first cutting boards i made are still holding strong and going on 7 years old.

Luckily my wife's uncle is retired and has a wonderful wood shop where I was able to use a drum sander to do 90% of the finish work, saving me about 8 hours of sanding. I sanded the board to 120 grit sandpaper, routed the edges using a round-over bit, finished the board with Mineral oil and put on 3/4" bumpers on the bottom.

I will be building a few shop jigs to aid in the glue up of other cutting boards and I had to build a cross cut sled to finish this board. This board turned out great, learned some lessons and used some new techniques. Can't wait for my next project.



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